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What’s Changed

Medicine Man called me to build this website.
The goal was to create an appealing one-page landing with more information for this App.
The challenge was to use a custom contact form with a modal interaction.
One of the first steps was to check the Interface Design and understand the basic UX pattern needed.
I’ve started from a plane HTML where I had the first UX test with the basic framework.
I’ve used Materialize.css as the main framework for this website, I have carefully added all the branding guidelines, and created a WordPress theme, once the basic functionality has been approved.

The Call To Action works when the user clicks on the navigation, or on the bottom area.
Testing in a mobile environment has been crucial to understanding the correct functionality, in the first phase of the development. I always try to use a ‘mobile-first’ technology when it’s possible, this allows the user to get the content loaded up quickly.

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