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Marrone + Mesubim

The Client: Marrone+Mesubim are a high-profile kitchen company based in Italy. 
I’ve worked with the Marketing Team to create a modern website that could communicate the elegance of the hi-quality craftsmanship of the brand with fine graphics.
I’ve received a first generic ‘look and feel’ reference to then create a final Interface Design. I have used modern web standards for all the different ‘components’. The Interface is not invasive and put the Product first: content is king.
In this web project videos are an important part for the brand communication, they tell a whole story and shows the product in details. In the website they work well next to the informative content text.
After the launch this year, the website is now featuring two different languages: French and Italian. The language now can be changed by clicking a toggle button. I made it combining a WordPress plug-in and a customised modern framework used in the theme. I’ve tested in different environment; it works well on big TV screens and in old iPhones too.

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Marrone + Mesubim | Andrea Uliana