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What’s Changed

The Client: What’s Changed is an Application that allows your team to capture, value and approve variations from anywhere, in real-time, to maximise recorded the profit.
The goal was to create a singular landing page with additional information and engaging the audience with descriptive video presentations. Medicine Man provided the Interface Design.
At first I’ve discussed the Interface Design understanding the main UX patterns. Starting with a simple HTML I’ve created the main web elements (Buttons, Banners, Typography, etc etc). The main asset was tested in a mobile environment first to understand more the proportions of the different content areas. I have used a mobile-first approach having the content loaded up quickly in smaller devices too.
One of the challenges was to create a ‘modal’ page with a customized registration form. In this case this ‘call to action’ is placed in the the main navigation area and in the ‘footer’ area.
I have used Materialize.css framework as a skeleton for this project. I have worked many times with Medicine Man and the translation in code is always accurate to the details of the designed graphic.
After the basic functionality and main graphics has been approved I have translated the template in a customised WordPress theme.
Many users visit the website to get to a private login area. I have created a button always present in the navigation for this CTA with a special roll-over animation.

Website offline 🙁

What’s Changed | Andrea Uliana