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What’s Changed is a mobile application that allows your team to capture, value and approve variations from anywhere, in real-time, to maximise recorded profit.


Medicine Man Agency provided the Interface Design. The goal was to create a singular landing page with additional information and engage the audience with descriptive video presentations.
First, I’ve discussed the Interface Design and understanding of the main UX patterns.
Starting with a simple HTML I’ve created the main web elements as buttons, banners, and typography.

The main asset was tested in a mobile environment first to understand more the proportions of the different content areas. I have used a mobile-first approach having the content loaded up quickly on smaller devices too.
One of the challenges was to create a ‘modal’ page with a customized registration form. In this case, this ‘call to action’ is placed in the main navigation area and the ‘footer’ area.
I have used the Materialize.css framework as a skeleton for this project. I have worked many times with Medicine Man and the translation in code is always accurate to the details of the designed graphic.

The users visit the website to get to a private login area. I have created a button always present in the navigation for this CTA with a special roll-over animation.
After the basic functionality and main graphics have been approved I have translated the template in a customised WordPress theme.

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